Sustainable Materials, LLC is a product sourcing, product development, marketing, and product positioning company, designed solely to work with “sustainable materials”, in an effort to bring innovative and unique products to market, via connecting suppliers with sellers while providing intermediary services where needed.

We have decades of product development and sourcing experience, and use that to provide differentiated products for our clients. We understand the value proposition of our materials, and have learned how and where to position these products/technologies into the market. Our ability to both soft launch and hard launch products and product ideas into the US market makes us unique, beyond that even of the raw materials we work with.

We specialize in:

  • Product Sourcing
  • Product Development
  • Product Placement
  • Brand building and Strategic sales
  • Logistics and Inventory Management

We service:

  • Retail distribution
  • Corporate development
  • Architect and Designer 'specification' channels
  • OEM product channels

Please contact us for any current product opportunity we may have, or if you would like our expertise on 'turn-keying' your innovation with sustainable materials.

Contact Us
Email: C: (303) 589-4100